Praise Reins

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Praise Reins Therapeutic Riding Program to provide individualized equine related therapeutic activities to children with physical, developmental, social, and emotional disabilities in the Sullivan and surrounding counties of East Tennessee. Praise Reins Therapeutic Riding Program enriches the lives of our clients in a caring, safe, and challenging environment.

The Purpose of this Project
The purpose of Praise Reins is to allow children to participate in a weekly therapeutic riding program on a weekly basis. Praise Reins is a program that supports the therapeutic bonding of horse, rider, and volunteer. This allows all individuals with disabilities to reach their highest potential thus making a difference in their lives and in the lives of all those involved. There are many benefits of therapeutic riding including:
Physical Impact of Praise Reins:
*Strengthens weak muscles and relaxes tight muscles
*Increases flexibility, blood/oxygen flow to all areas including the heart and brain, lung capacity (improving speech), and neural input
*Improves: Posture, fine and gross motor coordination
Cognitive Impact of Praise Reins:
Improves: Body awareness, spatial relations, hand/eye coordination, and integration skills
*Improves: Fine motor planning, gross motor planning, and decision making through natural consequences
Psychological Impact of Praise Reins:
Improves self worth, self-esteem, relationships, social awareness, and independence
*Reinforces proper social skills and team work
*Provides empowerment!

More Basic Information